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The GHG emissions trading system

In connection with ratification of the Kyoto protocol and taking obligations on reduction of GHG emissions on the period of post-Kyoto, the Ministry of environment protection of the Republic Kazakhstan conducts work on creation of national GHG emissions trading system. The aim of creation of national СО2 emissions system is a fulfillment of the obligations by Kazakhstan under the Kyoto protocol.

The mechanism of GHG emissions trading will be new system for Kazakhstan which will allow stimulating the enterprises by means of market mechanism to reduce GHG emissions by choosing conditions more favorable to them. The limited quantity of allowances on СО2 emissions will be distributed to enterprises. If companies managed to achieve reduction in emissions, below the established for them limit, they can sell the rest amount to the enterprises which had complexities with fulfillment of quantitative obligations. Besides, acquisition of allowances will be favourable to the enterprises for which purchase of quotas will be a smaller expense, than introduction of CO2 emissions reduction projects. The carbon certificates will become some kind of currency.

Such systems operate in the USA and the European Union. The introduction of the emissions reductions trading system have allowed Europe to reduce GHG emissions and at the same time to increase profit of the enterprises at the expense of introduction of new technologies and energy conservation and energy efficiency activities.

The national СО2 emissions trading system will allow Kazakhstan to reduce GHG emissions, to introduce energy efficient manufacture, to decrease energy consumption of manufacture and to create conditions for use of renewable energy sources thereby, diversifying energy generation. The introduction of national СО2 emissions trading system promotes the development of economy and introduction of technological innovations. Thus, the actions directed on protection of ecology, will be carried out by economically effective way.


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